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This facade is a slim mesh structure with an invisible structure in the world, which is implemented using this technology in Tabriz, and all its connections are hidden and do not damage the facade of the building either from the outside or from the inside.

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The new building of East Azerbaijan Governorate was created by one of the elites and experts of Azerbaijan, whose facade construction is a rare example in the world.
This building, which is in the vicinity of the historical palace of East Azerbaijan Governorate, was built by Azerbaijani engineers and was designed and built with extraordinary building strength, but what attracts the most attention is the effort and artistry of one of the original Azerbaijani artists and architects in the design and construction of the facade. The exterior of this building.
Abolfazl Atziri, who was born in the city of Tasuj in East Azerbaijan, was responsible for the design of the stone structure and its construction, and he used the model of the slime mesh design.

Run bySablan mashin
Delivery DateApril 27, 2018

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